Company Overview

PT Pesona Mitra Abadi is an accredited company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We proudly present our flagship service in the area of safety and defensive driving training called Indonesia Defensive Driving Center (IDDC).

Indonesia Defensive Driving Center (IDDC) was established in 1997, and since then it has become one of the largest safety and defensive driving training providers in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific. We offer a range of driver education products and training programmes to a wide variety of clients. Our customers come from a broad array of industries including educational institutions; multi-national companies; oil and gas companies; mining; petrochemical companies, pharmaceutical; government departments and agencies; financial services; transportation and transporter companies; automotive clubs and communities; private participants and car rental companies.

To advance our services and products, we work closely with selected international partners such as Safe Drive Training (Australia) and DriveTech (the United Kingdom). We maintain our strong national presence in Indonesia through acknowledgement by national institutions such as Indonesia Traffic Police Traning Center (Pusdiklantas POLRI), Indonesia Traffic Police Corps (Korlantas POLRI), Ministry of Transportation Indonesia – Directorate General of Land Transportation and Indonesia Professional Certification Authority (Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi).

In addition to worldwide cooperation and national presence, our team consists of prominent senior rally drivers as well as certified safety and defensive driving instructors. We make sure that we understand and meet our customers’ expectations by serving our clients with only the most qualified instructors.

We aim to build the safety driving culture by reducing the likelihood of vehicle accident through improving our customers’ driving skills, attitudes and awareness. More importantly, we are committed to assisting our customers to develop a sense of pride, confidence, enjoyment and extra safety behind the wheel.